Do You Know You’re Still Paying Rs.10,000 For 1 GB Mobile Data?

The competition in the telecom market has risen and has become intense. After Jio started the trend of free data; it is followed by other operators like Airtel, Vodafone to stay ahead in the race. Earlier, other operators were just concerned about profits, but with the arrival of Jio, they have started thinking from the customer’s point of view as they don’t want to lose their Customer base.

One thing that people fail to realize is that many telecom operators are scamming them in the name of data pack. Everyone must have faced this situation, wherein the balance of your phone comes down from Rs 50 to Rs 10, due to extra data (Chargeable) that you use, after the data pack is over. If you are prepaid customer, you will be shocked to know that these telecom companies are cheating you and are actually charging us a whopping price for 1 GB data, after the expiry of your data pack. Want to know how much they charge?  Well, some telecom operators are charging you Rs 10,000 for 1 GB of data. Yes, you heard that right! Let us go through the entire calculation.

For instance, Airtel and Vodafone’s charges after the exhaustion of data packs are 10p/10kB. You must be knowing this rate card and must be under the impression that it’s cheap. But when you calculate the price of 1 GB as per 10p/10kB rate, it comes to Rs 10,000! It falls under the category of PayAsYouGo i.e. paying only for the data used. The operators smartly send an SMS after deducting the amount from the main balance. Shouldn’t they be seeking permission from the users before deducting their balance?

Here’s the video explaining this unethical practice.

What can be done now?

  • Set a limit: If your data pack offers free 1 GB data, you can set a limit at 900 MB; after which, you will get an alert and you’ll be saved from those additional charges.
  • Keep a minimal prepaid balance: If you don’t have sufficient balance, you can escape from unnecessary deductions.
  • Monitor your statistics with apps: Track your account activities through apps like MyJio and MyAirtel.


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Do You Know You’re Still Paying Rs.10,000 For 1 GB Mobile Data?

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