Know Why Sri Lankan Cricketers Are Banned From Eating Biscuits In The Dressing Room


Though life of a sportsman’s life may look amazing from far but it is not that easy. They are supposedly made to follow a strict routine regarding exercise and food. There are a lot of things that we can enjoy daily but they cannot.


Recent reports about Sri Lankan Cricketers recently will certainly amaze you.

Biscuits have been banned for the cricketers inside the dressing room.

In fact, it has been reported that the ban led to a protest by the players. This was followed by mishaps which lead to breaking crockery inside the dressing room.

Clarifying the news about ban and protest, team manager Asanka Gurusinha told the news platform:

“Our physio and trainer are in charge of food at games and they have banned biscuits in the changing room. The other day, there were biscuits in the changing room and I informed the catering staff to take it out as our trainer did not want the players to eat in the changing room.”


“There was absolutely no argument with any players or support staff on this issue. In fact, the players were even not aware that the biscuits were kept in the changing room. When the players heard this rumor, they even called me and told me not to worry and they all know that the news was not true and that they are all behind me.”

Talking about the reports which claimed that he was forced to resign or was sacked by Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC), he said.

“All the rumour regarding I have resigned is not true.”

We hope all continues to be good with the Sri Lankan team and its crew.




Know Why Sri Lankan Cricketers Are Banned From Eating Biscuits In The Dressing Room

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