Kerala Startup’s Innovative Way Is Making Sure Ambulances Don’t Get Stuck In Traffic & Saving Lives

Recently, Kerala has found its name in the news and all for the right reasons. Again we are here to feature a new from the land of ‘God’s Own Country.’ This time it is the progressive solution by this NGO that aims at saving the life of the people.

Just like any other place in India, Kerala also suffers from the issue of traffic. There have been many instances of ambulances getting stuck in traffic that ends up bringing fatal results. Thus, two individuals came up with an intelligent solution to battle this problem.

Road Traffic management system

Mohamed Jasim and Muhammed Sadique came up with the innovative Intelligent Road Traffic Management System. It is called Traffitizer and will certainly help a lot in redesigning the traffic management scenario, especially across the busy roads. The inspiration of this duo came from the fact that there should be an easy way for the emergency vehicles to travel even during high traffic.


The technology helps in dividing the road network into various zones. Now, that helps in identifying the activity of every vehicle that is in the zone. Now, this helps in monitoring the activities of the vehicle in danger zone and provides the emergency service.

Traffitizer- Emergency Response System (T-ERS) is based on Centralized Internet of Things (IoT) system. It is mainly a hardware-software model that can be attached to traffic control with absolute ease.


Alongside this, Traffitizer also helps the ambulance driver to see the fastest and shortest route for the emergency trip. Also, the driver can see how critical the patient is. The best part is that it can be remotely controlled from traffic room.

This project aims at solving a very big issue and will certainly make the path of transferring patients smoother, especially in the developing countries.

traffic management

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Kerala Startup’s Innovative Way Is Making Sure Ambulances Don’t Get Stuck In Traffic & Saving Lives

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