Where Is Justice: 14 Years Imprisonment For Killing Cow While Just 2 Years For Killing Human!

Killing Cow

Nowadays, we see how Gau Rakshaks are creating ruckus everywhere. Compared to human, cows are getting more protection nowadays. Even in UP, we have see some incidents wherein people turned a blind eye towards injustice against women but become too violent when cows are harmed.

We are here to give you yet another surprise in this context. These days, punishment for killing cows is actually stricter than that of killing humans. This was observed by Sanjeev Kumar; the additional sessions judge (Delhi).

Traffic moves slowly as a group of stray bulls walk on a road in New Delhi.

Yes, he observed this when he sentenced the culprit to 2 years imprisonment for killing motorcyclists with his BMW. What’s surprising is the difference in the number of years of imprisonment in case of cow-related crime! If the same person killed a cow instead of a person, he would have been sentenced to 14 years imprisonment.

That’s a whopping 12 years difference!


The judge added,

“The sentence for killing cow is five, seven or 14 years in different states, but the sentence for causing the death of a human being through rash or negligent driving is only two years.”

This case we are discussing is of Utsav Bhasin (30), son of a Haryana based industrialist, who crushed Anuj Chauhan and Mrigank Srivastava in South Delhi, due to rash driving. This incident had occurred in 2008, but the court announced the verdict on Thursday.


Moreover, the judge said that the judgment copy would be sent to PM Modi to show him how offenders get away with such meager punishments.

Isn’t it high time we switch our attention from cows to serious offenders? Do you think the punishment is justified in both the cases?



Where Is Justice: 14 Years Imprisonment For Killing Cow While Just 2 Years For Killing Human!

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