An Indian Cricket Fan who announced free Ironing of clothes receives “Threat Calls” from Pakistan

Indian Cricket Team

Indian Cricket Team

Indians are crazy of Cricket and it is considered as the unofficial National Game of the Country. So, victories are individually celebrated in their own grandeur ways.

One such person is Azaad Diwakar Singh who hails from Lucknow. He is an ardent Cricket follower and offers concessions and sometimes free Laundry services when India wins important matches.

He recently offered free services for a day when India beat Pakistan at Edgbaston by 124 runs. India had already beaten Pakistan once in the league matches. He offered free laundry services for 15 days when India won the ICC World Cup in 2011. He recently announced that he would offer 5 days of free laundry services if India beat Pakistan in ICC Champions Trophy finals to be held this Sunday.

The Local resident got enthusiastic over his announcement and started sharing this information in all Whatsapp groups along with his contact details.

This however did not go well. Azaad received Threat Calls from unknown people from the very next day. They said that they were from Pakistan not happy on him providing free laundry services. They asked Azaad to take back his announcement and stop being over-enthusiastic on Indian Cricket Team, failing which he would be attacked physically.

On Thursday, he formally registered a complaint with the nearby Jagdispura Police Station seeking protection. The Station Officer took his complaint and assured action against threateners, who called using Voice over Internal Protocol (VoIP).

Isn’t it pathetic that we aren’t able to enjoy our rights to celebrate? What do you think?



An Indian Cricket Fan who announced free Ironing of clothes receives “Threat Calls” from Pakistan

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