Humans in Mars, a near reality


Though the whole endeavor will have to overcome challenges thus bringing theories put in the paper to implementation, this will be the biggest breakthrough put forward by NASA. The whole project is said to cost a whopping amount of 6 billion US$ (estimated) to bring first 50 men from Earth along with hardware requirements, which is 0.5% of US Total Budget.

 Mars Mission Astronauts all over the world have been gazing at a Mars Mission ever since the first person successfully stepped onto the Moon. Developments in 2006 suggested that this nearest Red planet had adequate Oxygen cover with a possibility of life forms with traces of water. Further research, made sure there were 57 plant species in Mars.

 Donald Trump on March 21 mandated to NASA, the need to innovate a Mars Mission. Eight days later, NASA replied to Trump with a comprehensive catalogue which specified the manpower, machine-power and the funding he needs to put in to make the Mars Mission into action. The mammoth project is said to be undertaken in 5 phases and to be made into reality by 2033.

human in mars

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 This NASA Undertaken Project is in Phase 0, where a connection is established between Private Space Centers and ISS (International Space Station). Phase 2 is said to get finished by 2025 where 6 Rocket Satellites will be tested. Completing this mission requires overcoming hurdles other than budget too, like maintaining health and mental happiness of astrophysicist and astronauts involved in this mission. The rocket or satellite should be equipped with water, food, oxygen bank and other essentials to uphold the health of the Astronauts.

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 In the meanwhile, other private companies are also trying better and innovate ways to bring humans to Mars. Ultimately, the goal will be reached but who finishes the line first is the thing to watch out for.

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Humans in Mars, a near reality

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