How These Gifs Shows the Prevailing Rape Culture Using Autocorrect

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This is a brilliant collection of gifs that shows the subtle rape culture that is prevailing in our society. Moreover, how it actually mixes in our everyday conversations further promoting the aspect of rape. Former president Joe Biden tweeted these gifs and since then they have been shared thousands of times. The more these are shared the better will the hypocrisy of the society come to light. Along with that, it is also a way to promote awareness about the subtle ways in which rape culture is still present in our lives.


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The gifs are about conversations between two men who are talking about their missed chance of having a ‘good time’ with a girl. Blended with autocorrect it shows that what they are writing is not actually what they mean. Also, how it is promoting the aspect of rape culture.

This is one of the issues that is pulling back our society and it is the time that we stand to spread awareness. Also, it is a fight for a better world. Share the article and let the world know that it is time to put a stop to the rape culture that exists in our daily life. Play your part in creating a society that you will love to live in.

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How These Gifs Shows the Prevailing Rape Culture Using Autocorrect

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