Here’s What Your Sleeping Position With Your Partner Reveals About Your Relationship


Sleeping positions are one of the important aspects of body language and can convey a lot of interesting things about an individual personality. Basically, during sleep, your subconscious mind dominants your body language and controls the way you share a bed with your significant other.

Either you start your night with spooning then move apart or give enough space to your partner while sleeping far away, every sleeping position says something about the relationship you have with your partner. So, here are the clues about what’s going on in your relationship based on your sleeping style. Check it out.

  1. Spooning

This is a semi-foetal position which involves butt-to-penis contact allowing the partners to feel intimacy and security at the same time. If you go for little spooning even after being into a relationship for many years then it means that the spark in your relationship is still alive.


  1. The Sweetheart’s Cradle

This one is less common than The Spoon position but it is one of the sweetest sleeping positions. This tells about the comfort and trust a couple carries in their relationship.


  1. First entwining and then moving away

In this position, the couples tend to intertwine their legs and arms first and then move apart after 15 minutes or so. At one point, this position reveals that the couples can’t get enough of each other and on the other, moving apart shows that the partners respect each other’s personal space.

  1. Butt Kissers or Zen Style

The couples who have been living together for more than a year tend to sleep in this position. It involves facing away from each other while allowing only the backs or butts to touch for the means of connection. Also, it shows a clear dependence of one partner to another.


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  1. Sleeping on different sides of bed

When the partners feel the need of their own space, they start sleeping maintaining a distance to each other. This position is known as The Cliff-Hanger position. It might also reveal that something is amiss in the relationship and the partners should talk about it.


  1. Rest on partner’s chest or The Nuzzle

This position is one of the classic sleeping positions. In this, a partner rests their head on significant other’s chest. This shows a sense of protection and confidence in the relationship.


Well, which is your sleeping position? Judge it for yourself.



Here’s What Your Sleeping Position With Your Partner Reveals About Your Relationship

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