Here’s The Reason Why You Have Been Craving Sugar In Stressful Situation The Entire Life

Last night, I wasn’t just feeling well, maybe because of mood swings. Anyway, I tried a few things that could help me in feeling better than ever. I had a word with my friend, then listened to some music and then finally ate a bar of my favorite chocolate and you know what, at the end I realized that the piece of chocolate was my only kind of happiness as just after that I felt like ‘Ok! I am feeling Normal’.

Well, I want to focus on the point that this is not only me who binges on chocolates and sugary foods in the stressed-out situation; you might be doing the same. So, here’s the scientific reason behind why we have been craving sugar when we are upset.

Has it ever happened to you that at one moment you are having a bar of chocolate and the next you have just left with its wrapper and a feeling of craving to have it more? Well, the unhealthy foods always tempt us to have more and more of them.

And you know what the culprit is our own SUGAR. Sugar is one such ingredient that favors our craving rather than satisfying with what we already had.

The actual reason- Why sugar leaves every one of us craving for it?

It is said that sugar is something that enlightens our pleasure senses of our brain and makes us feel happy, which is quite natural to crave it for that matter to have more of it. Sugar is exactly like falling in love or being happy with friends, as a result, you likely wish to have it more.

But what about the sugar cravings that we feel in a stressful situation?

See when we are upset or disturbed; a hormone named cortisol marks its level high in the body and when we consume sugary food or stuff something like that we tend to have another hormone called serotonin that calms and relaxes us in no time. Hence, it’s our body’s way to maintain the physical relaxation.

So, now you know the logic, it is better to always take care and to intake sugar or any sweetener in moderation. Do not exceed the limit as it might harm your body easily.




Here’s The Reason Why You Have Been Craving Sugar In Stressful Situation The Entire Life

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