A guide when you want to have casual sex


Recently a girl was asked by her friend that what she should do before getting involved in a casual sex or one night stand. Though sex is considered a taboo in many parts of India, but slowly the practice of sex is getting normalized. Many are getting indulged but there is still one problem. Many are not sure how to go about or actually practice safe sex. However, this tweet thread from the lady is a spot on description of what you should do when you are having casual sex.
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Condom is a must

Be it vaginal, anal, or oral sex, make sure that you use condom. It prevents you from any kind of STDs or STIs. This is a non-negotiable point when you are having casual sex.


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Get yourself checked
Well, not after every encounter, but make it a habit to visit your gynaecologist regularly. It is a way to make sure that you are safe.

Get yourself checked

Take care of yourself

A person can be amazing while conversing and on bed but you have no idea how they will react after it is done. Make sure you properly take care of yourself.


Cleaning is must

Make sure you clean up well after having sex. Also, ensure that after having anal, your partner clean up for vaginal sex. Do not forget to wash your hands too.


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Be safe

When you are getting into BDSM, make sure you have clear communication with your partner after the safety words and the limit till which you want to venture.

Happy Couple

When you have safe and consensual sex then it is the best that you will enjoy. Stay safe and enjoy.



A guide when you want to have casual sex

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