Funny Divorce Reasons That Are Hilarious & Weird

Marriage is never a child’s play. It is one of the hardest things and the partners have to continuously work towards keeping it together. We all are aware that it requires understanding, patience, commitment, sacrifice, compromise, communication and not to forget love. However, there are times when we have to break the promise to be together and walk separate ways. However, there are also those who decided to cut the cord due to hilariously stupid reasons that will make you laugh hard. Here are such stories for you.

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No more soap operas

“Don’t mess with my serials or I will leave you.” When her husband didn’t listen and asked her to stop watching the dramatic shows , this Indian woman decided to go for a divorce.


It is very hard to keep up with an addicted partner. However, things seem a little far-fetched for divorce when the addiction is that of video games. It turns out that this is not an isolated case of marriage because of game addiction and the rate is increasing.

Facebook post

This crosses even the basic decency of humanity when a woman came to know that her husband is leaving her from a post on Facebook. What’s more humiliating is that she came to know about it from a friend who called her.

The nice soul

Don’t you want a nice guy in your life? You will say we all do! Well, turns out not all have the same feeling. A woman divorced her husband because he was a ‘too’ nice person. She considered his goodness as being boring.

50 shades of Grey

In the long run of marriage we all look for ways to spice up our married life but taking into consideration the comfort of the partner. This woman, however, decided to end her marriage as her husband refused to recreate the sexual scenes from the book 50 shades of Grey.

Nickname fiasco

We all have cute nick names for our significant others but at times they are not so cute. We often let that pass but not this lady from Saudi Arabia. She was furious when she found out the nickname her husband has selected for her, Guantanamo. This act was provocative enough for her to take the decision for breaking the marriage.

The Facebook Saga

This time the story gets interesting as a wife ends up cutting the tie with her husband over his relationship status on Facebook. He never changed his status to single and created all the issues. Sadly, facebook is actually playing a part in 20% of all the divorces.

The talking parrot

Well, this story is funny but sad as it talks about the infidelities of the husband. This couple had a parrot and when the wife came back from a one month vacation she sensed something is amiss by the words of the parrot. The bird was repeating phrases like “divorce”, “I love you”’ and “Be patient.” She was certain that her husband was cheating and they ended the marriage.



Funny Divorce Reasons That Are Hilarious & Weird

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