Father-Daughter Dress Up Picture That Is Overloaded With Cuteness

cute baby

This sweet story is between a dad names Sholom Ber and his extremely adorable daughter Zoe. This dad actually convinced the little girl to take part in dress-up photoshoots with him. Oh boy! You need to see the final pictures to believe that dress-up can be so cute and lovely. Since the posting of the pictures, they have gone viral. Thus, we have taken the opportunity to bring you them for some awww… moment. Ready to get smothered by cuteness?

The jungle safari

jungle safari

Grow up baby

grow up baby

The garden elf

The garden elf

There are no restrictions to the dresses that this duo chooses to showcase. Right from ballerina to being a garden elf, they dress-up in the most amazing way possible.

Ma’am your license, please

Ma’am your license

The yummy chicken

The yummy chicken


Let’s dance

let's dance

Sholom is a vintage shop owner who already had the reputation to post pictures with the silly and funny outfit, now he has got a partner in crime.

The forbidden charm

 forbidden charm

Hello! Hawai!

cute baby


cute baby

The dangerous mission

cute baby

He further said that he will keep on taking the pictures as long as Zoe allows him.

Which one you liked the best? Let us know in the comments below.



Father-Daughter Dress Up Picture That Is Overloaded With Cuteness

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