The Famous Food Festivals of India That You Absolutely Have To Explore


The food festivals are such that breaks the barriers among people and make their soul filled with love. If you are a foodie and even if you are not, here are some of the famous food festivals across India that you should not miss. Let your inhabitations down and enjoy completely.

National Street Food Festival

This festival is celebrated in Delhi where you get to taste the amazing street foods from all over the world.

Food Festival

 Mei Ram-ew

This can easily be called the ethnic food festival that is conducted in the state of Meghalaya. Here you get to taste the wide varieties of North-Eastern foods that are locally grown.

Food Festival

Ahare Bangla
As the name suggests, this is a festival that is all about Bengali foods. Not only the traditional and modern foods of West Bengal but also here you can enjoy some of the deliciousness from Bangladesh. It’s held in Kolkata.

Food Festival
Bengaluru Food Fete

Visit Bengaluru to visit one of the largest food festivals in the country. From home chefs to amateur bakers, everyone comes here with their delicious dishes that people really enjoy to explore.



Bhukkad Flea

Held in Mumbai, this place is a unique meeting place for those who love food. Here one can taste more than 100 types of food platter.





The Famous Food Festivals of India That You Absolutely Have To Explore

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