5 Extreme Sports for Those Who Love Fun and Adventure

A life without risk is not worth living. Maybe this is the philosophy of those who are attracted to the world of the adventure sports. Though it may look scary but the adrenaline rush you will experience will take over your fear for sure. So, if you are someone who wants to explore the risky side of life mixed with the essence of adventure, then this article is for you.

1. Heli-skiing

When downhill snowboarding meets the twist of helicopters then you have this exciting sport. Here the enthusiasts are taken to mountains in a helicopter and released with a guide. Though it’s popular around the world but Canada is the most famous one.

Heli skiing

2. Downhill mountain biking

It is one of the most extreme sports that are popular in the present time. It involves going down the mountains in the cycle. Though the riders always take a safety but are immensely risky too.

Downhill mountain biking

3. Boarding

Popular around Leon, Nicaragua, it is exactly as scary as it sounds but truly an adventure of a lifetime. It involves sliding down an active volcano with speed as high as 90 km/ hr. The most exciting part is that you only have your heels as to brake and steer. Frightening or exciting?


4. Extreme ironing

This extreme sports in fun in a bizarre way. It involves ironing of clothes but not in the normal setting. The participants are taken to the extreme location to perform this task. It can be done while standing in middle of a river or paragliding in the sky.

Extreme ironing

5. Zorbing

Here the participants are put inside a transparent ball and rolled down from mountains. Another version is that they are left in the water. It requires quite high physical energy and is undoubtedly fun.




5 Extreme Sports for Those Who Love Fun and Adventure

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