Why Should You Be Eager To Know About The Outcome Of PM Modi’s USA Visit Under Three Nation Tour?

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Visa, fighter planes, Pakistan, or drone? What do you think the PM and the President will talk about? More importantly how much will they cover in one day? Yes, this is the first time PM Modi is set to visit the USA after the election of President Trump. The USA is one of the stops for the three-nation trip of PM Modi. Naturally, it is a crucial visit with lots of anticipation on the line.


The three nations he will tour in this trip are the USA, Portugal, and Netherlands. PM will reach the USA on Sunday local time. One of the main topics of this meeting is about the discussion on the sale of the US fighter planes. If things unfold in order then this will turn as one of the biggest deals between the two countries.

Congratulation in order

Also, the congratulations are certainly in order for Trump as his party the Republicans had won recent polls in Georgia. Certainly, it is a big win and not to forget Trump called Modi to congratulate him on BJPs win in Uttar Pradesh.

Trump and Modi

Meeting with the top CEOs

Not only President Donald Trump but PM Narendra Modi is also set to squeeze some time from his busy schedule to meet some of the most famous CEOs. The list includes Apple’s Tim Cook, Google’s Sundar Pichai, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Caterpillar’s Jim Umpleby, and Walmart’s Doug McMillon. He will also discuss ‘Make In India’ movement with the CEOs.

Google CEO meets PM Modi

Understanding the importance

Why is this visit to the USA so crucial? Here is a quick look at the same.

  1. The first talk of PM Modi with President Trump was not exactly in amicable situations. It was some sharp talks between the leader at the Paris climate deal where the USA leader said that India is only in the deal to get billions and billions of foreign aids. That tiff will certainly soften with this visit and open new paths for both the countries.
  2. The talk on Sunday will include the important aspect of Trump’s H1B visa program that will open up the opportunity for thousands of skilled workers from India to go to the USA for work.
  3. They will also have a conversation about the aspect of terrorism and the measures to deal with the same.


We are surely eager to know about the outcome of the meeting. Are you too? Then keep an eye on this space for more updates.



Why Should You Be Eager To Know About The Outcome Of PM Modi’s USA Visit Under Three Nation Tour?

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