Ditch Your Umbrella For Some Crazy Fun In This Monsoon In Delhi

Delhi Rain

Though known for its extremely hot and cold climate, there is one season in Delhi that people often miss – Monsoon. However, this year the rain is pouring all around the city reviving everything back to life.

Rain in Delhi

Though the beauty of rain often fades away with the congested traffic and humid weather but still you can find time to enjoy. Once in a while, it is needed that you let you sensible sense take a back seat and enjoy the rains in a crazy way.


Here are some tips for you to enjoy rain in Delhi. Let us know the one you are going to try first.

PS: Make sure you have fun while keeping in mind the aspect of safety.

Venture the historical places

Yes, visiting the historical places like Red Fort or Purana Qila is fun in summer and winter is fun. However, exploring the beauty of these places during monsoon is something extraordinary. Why? You get to see the awesome beauty of these places while the refreshing rain is pouring down on you.


Find out the food

Delhi, the world for tasty foods, always welcomes the foodies with open arms. It is true during the rainy times too! Put on your monsoon clothes and take a walk in the muddy roads to find out the perfect food that will soothe your hungry soul.

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chai pakoda

Ride for parathas

Yes, it is once again a ride for food but here the journey is what you will enjoy. Take a bike ride to Murthal that is located at a distance of 50 Km from Delhi. However, be sure to ride safely.

Ride a Bike on Rain

Be a shutter bug

There is no denying the fact that after rain the beauty of the different spots in Delhi certainly increases. Take out your camera and take the pictures from a new perspective.


Take a walk

There are amazing places in Delhi that are quite and surrounded by trees. Take a walk through the serene location to reconnect with yourself.


Grab a book and coffee

Visit the different open cafes around the city to have coffee and spend time with your favorite book. There is nothing more exciting than a relaxing date with a loving book.

having coffee



Ditch Your Umbrella For Some Crazy Fun In This Monsoon In Delhi

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