A Detailed Overview Of #NotInMyName Campaign



We are just at the half of 2017 and already we have heard so many news of lynching of the minorities in name of religion that it’s scary. The recent news is killing a 16-year-old boy in Haryana. Allegedly, this teenage is the new victim of the hate crime that is spreading across the country.  This is another addition to the list where the people were killed mercilessly in name of religion.


This teen was stabbed to death and it turned out to be a case of target killing. Now, filmmaker Saba Dewan is raising voice against these merciless killings. He started this campaign #NotInMyName (Not In My Name) and called out people on 24th June for a protest. She mainly called out the people of 5 Indian states – Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Hyderabad to gather in a peaceful protest on 28th June.


She further added that this protest actually reflects the anger and the grief of people who believe that these crimes are monstrous acts. Much like any sensible person, she stands for a life with equality.

Already 2000 people from these 5 cities are expected to join the protest with numbers rising.

Saba dewan

She informed PTI that the protest which will reflect the “anger and grief” of the people intends to “reclaim the Constitution” and “resist the onslaught” on the right to life and equality. We hope this protest actually brings positive changes and compels the authorities to take proper action.


not in my name

Will you be joining the campaign #NotInMyName?



A Detailed Overview Of #NotInMyName Campaign

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