Dear Men Please Stop Nagging: A Funny Open Letter From Women Worldwide


Even as a woman, sometimes I do not get why people think us to be a complicated human being more than men. Well, for me, men are no piece of cake either and it’s equally difficult to understand what men in general mean or think respectively. Of course, there have been many times when we women have failed to catch a man’s thinking as a result, men end up having a lot of complaints with them.

Yes, men too have complaints (comparatively less than a woman) that bother them much but according to women those men complaints seem to be completely invalid and hence men shouldn’t keep nagging about them.

Here are those seven of the complaints that men always have.

“These shoes are troubling me”

troubling shoes

And as a woman, I would say, “Like really”? I mean how can a flat comfy shoe hurt you more than our 5-inch heels that have caused blisters on our single toe? You need to grow up, dude!

“I am running short of time for getting ready”

getting ready

Guys, do you actually need time to get ready? I mean just running a quick comb through your short hair and changing your tee or something would hardly take a few minutes, at least not like us (where we have to think about the clothes and clothes and then clothes first and then shaving and then lipstick and then much more…) So guys, don’t talk about time in front of us, pleaseeeee!

“I hate my new haircut”

new hair cut

I literally do not get what makes men feel so concerned about their hair cut, like, as if their look changes based on their hairstyle. Sorry, but I hardly notice any different look even if any guy changes his haircut or hairstyle or something like that.

“It takes me too long for shaving, I just hate it”


How could that hair patch on your cheeks or chest trouble you, boys? For your knowledge, in the time you try to shave off that small spot, I’ll have completed shaving of both my legs and trust me I wouldn’t complain like you.

“That pair of jeans is not fit”


A simple explanation: “There would be no woman in this world who would find a perfect pair of jeans or trousers the second time she goes for shopping, as after the first time, the brand just vanishes such perfect pairs.” And dudes, you just can go for any jeans, all are same and fit to you, as per me! *wink*

“I don’t find pleasure in using condoms”


So what? Well, if this is the case that we women should start charging our men for the birth control pills and their question ‘Are you sure you are not pregnant’ that they keep screaming after every love-making session.

“The bathroom queue is actually a long one, it’s just irritating and I cannot control my pee”


OK! I understand it is actually difficult to wait and control until it’s your chance to use a bathroom. But ask me, who as a woman have to wait long, nay actually toooooooo long – many hours, in a line for those nasty washrooms at bars or clubs etc. I think I’ll die of waiting. Truly my hell!



Dear Men Please Stop Nagging: A Funny Open Letter From Women Worldwide

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