Two-Liner Stories That Will Touch The Deepest Part Of Your Heart

Girl aborted

“All my toys are yours Read her brother’s death note.” Woven in words, these small stories are the ones that capture a wide variety of emotions. At the time they talk about love, at times about the inevitability of death. However, one thing is certain that these stories are the one that will leave a […]

5 Quotes of Different Flavors to Make Friday Friendly

positive quote

It is that day of the week. Yes, it is Friday! With two days of weekends coming your ways Fridays are the days which you love but also hate. You love it because of the coming weekend but at the same time it seems so long that you cannot help but hate it. Now, if […]

Watch Marvel Superheroes Dance In Tune Of Hindi Song

guardians of the galaxy

Talk about marketing for people! Here is Marvel Comics presenting their new trailer for Guardians of Galaxy Vol 2 with an amazing Hindi song mashup. This squeal is dated to come out this year and is showing promising response among the viewers. Now, to attract the attention of the Indian audience towards their newly released […]

Mumbai Pub offers Rs 900 Burger at a price you cannot believe

Well, this is somewhere where your less weight will be of your advantage. No no, this is not another story of fat shaming but indeed a very fun challenge that is put up by a pub in Mumbai. They have recently come up with a very interesting offer. They are offering the guest with a […]

Quotes On Life That Will Keep You Motivated And Inspired

Life is all about enjoying the small beauties all around. However, there are times when you are pulled down by all that is going around. We forget the beauty of life and give in the cribbing of what we don’t have rather than appreciating the things that make our life beautiful. Thus, here we are […]

11 Strange Things about Moon That Will Make You Very Interested


Moon is the largest natural satellite of Earth and of course the only one. Thought the history, many have explored about this satellite and ultimately history was made when we were successful with human stepping on the moon. In the modern age, we know many things about moon with the help of advanced technology. However, […]

14 Facts About Indian Armed Forces That Will Make Every Indian Proud

Indian Army

Indian Armed forces is one of the largest and most disciplined ones in the entire world. It includes Indian Army, the Indian Navy, the Indian Air Force, and the Indian Coast Guard. All of them together acts as a shield to protect India from external and internal threat. Here are some interesting facts about our […]