How These Gifs Shows the Prevailing Rape Culture Using Autocorrect

Stop Abuse

This is a brilliant collection of gifs that shows the subtle rape culture that is prevailing in our society. Moreover, how it actually mixes in our everyday conversations further promoting the aspect of rape. Former president Joe Biden tweeted these gifs and since then they have been shared thousands of times. The more these are […]

This Video Captures the Heartbreaking Truth of Domestic Violence

Stop Domestic Violence

Violence against woman is a sad reality that we still endure in the present time. Not only in India but a huge population of women from all over the world are bruised and abused only because the society makes us think that they are the weaker sex. This makes us think, will it ever stop? […]

Vicks Stands Up For Transgender Community With This Strong Emotional Ad

Vicks Emotional AD

The new Vicks ad ‘Touch of Care’ is a beautifully woven story that deals with two of the most controversial aspects of our society, transgender community and adoption. It shows the story of Gauri Sawant who is an activist and transgender.  Fighting against all the adversities of life, she adopted orphaned Gayatri and is raising […]

Quotes by Famous and Successful Females That Will Inspire You For Sure

sushmita sen

There are many in the world who says that women are weaker and they should be bound to certain jobs. It is true that we have come a long way together but there is more to cover. Understanding that, it is quite relevant to search the motivational figures in the world of women. Here are […]

After Her Husband Died She Took On A ‘Men’s Job’ For Survival

Women driving car

When her husband passed away she tried everything from selling vegetables to nursing, but nothing was enough to feed her children and herself. She needed something that would help her make money. She wanted money to give her children a secured life filled with food, protection, and decent education. That is why she became an […]

9 Countries That Shamefully Have the Highest Rape Crime


According to the dictionary, rape is “Unlawful sexual activity carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will or consent.” The legal definition change from one country to another but the base remains the same. Quite sadly and shamefully, we hear the news of rape from different parts of the world during daily […]

5 Vows Every Woman Should Take On This Woman’s Day

Be true to yourself

Woman’s Day is around the corner. While the world celebrates this day of empowerment and bridging the gender gap, why don’t you take a vow as a woman? This is the perfect time to replace no appreciation with self-actualization. Don’t you think so? So, let’s take these five vows not only for the special day […]

What Will Happen When This Girl Tells Her Mom She Had SEX

I am not Virgin

What is virginity? What is wrong with having sex? Do you have to courage to say to your parents that you are sexually active? This video by Girliyapa takes a comical dig at the aspect of having sex with a conversation between a girl and her mother. How do you think your mom will react […]

Male celebrities who are proud feminist


What is the most feared and hence ridiculed F word of the present time? Yes, you are right it is feminism. While the truth is feminism is a way to create a path towards equal right of men and women, there are many who think this is a man bashing propaganda without realizing the true […]

Honest truth that sarcastically takes a dig at the hypocrisy of gender inequality

Strong Women

Do you think that since it is the 21st century the world is more progressive to bridge the gap between gender inequalities? However, there are still some whose thinking and mentality are stuck in that of the Stone Age. From stereotyping to insulting, they perceive the notion that women are inferior. These tweets prove that […]