How to treat your gold digging ex? Learn from this guy

Prostitute's Breakup

She breaks up with his as he was the one without a good job, but suddenly her old love rekindled when he got a job in the USA. Now, she is the one who wants to come back and start a new life that will full of dreams. However, does she really know what job […]

The Sexist Things We Should Stop Teaching Our Boys

We like it or not, we live in a world that has a huge gap between the genders. There are people who come up with the world sexist remarks that can make you fume with rage. However, stop for a moment and think, are they born with such distinctions in mind? Of course not! It […]

The Inspiring Story Of Colonel Sanders Who Founded KFC At 62 Years

Who loves KFC! Well, most of the hands will go up in the appreciation of the delicious food provided by this restaurant. As most of you know, Colonel Sanders was the one who started this amazing franchise of food. However, do you know that he was almost on verge of leaving his life at 62 […]

5 Everyday double standards that hurt the men in our life


Misogyny and patriarchy are such diseases that not only hurt women but men too. It has filled the society with unnecessary double standards that end up being bad for all the genders. Here we are today to talk about the double standards that the men of the society face. Let’s know them to put an […]

3 Things you should never say to stay-at-home dads


We stay in a time where the society is full of double standards. While the women are thought to be the only one to take care of the baby and the house, the men are instantly shamed if they take up that job. It is a family and a two-person job. Being a stay-at-home dad […]

Men Gets Raped Too: Shameful Portrayal Of Male Abuse In Hindi Movies


The Alia Bhaat and Varun Dhawan starter movie Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya wasn’t something you will be happy spending your money one. Then, why are we here today discussing that movie? It is because of a particular scene where one of the lead characters Varun Dhawan is molested by some men at a deserted road. How […]

5 Extreme Sports for Those Who Love Fun and Adventure

A life without risk is not worth living. Maybe this is the philosophy of those who are attracted to the world of the adventure sports. Though it may look scary but the adrenaline rush you will experience will take over your fear for sure. So, if you are someone who wants to explore the risky […]