These Urban Legends From Japan Will Scare The Shit Out Even Of The Bravest


Have you seen ‘The Ring’? or ‘The Grudge’? Don’t Japanese Urban legends seem way more horrifying than ones from anywhere else? It is possible that, due to its long history, traceable to 30,000 BC, Japan simply has had more time to garner a vast collection of such legends. Another possibility is the inherent cultural difference […]

This Is How Pokemon Characters Will Look Like, If They Existed In Real

Do you love Pokemon? Well, who does not! As they are the characters that everyone wish could have existed in the real world. Pokemon characters are familiar so far amongst the children of 90s, and they received much more fame after the game Pokemon Go. These characters not just look adorable but are still in […]

Sizzling Hot Chemistry Between SRK And Anushka In Their New Song Will Blow You Over

Finally the wait is over! With the movie becoming an internet sensation just with the release of the name, viewers were eagerly waiting for any other update from the makers. The movie ‘Jab Harry Met Shejal’ have an uncanny resemblance to the popular Hollywood romantic movie ‘When Harry met Sally’ and famous Bollywood movie ‘Jab […]

Do You Relate To Any Of These Struggles In 20s?

struggle in 20s

Being a woman is struggle. With each stage of life, the nature of struggle keeps changing. Though most of us go through the struggle in a bleak way but not all have the same idea to endure it silently. Here is one lady captured who captured the beauty of the struggle in her illustrations. They […]

The reason for India’s loss at Champions Trophy Finals against Pakistan


Almost everything went out of place for the men in Blue. The game was pretty one-sided where Pakistan easily dominated all the three departments of Cricket. TOSS The match scenario was exactly like 2003 WC finals in which Ganguly won the toss and chose to field. It became a big factor for India’s loss at […]

President’s convoy stopped by a Sub Inspector in Bengaluru

A Traffic Police Mr M.L. Nijalingappa who was deployed Bengaluru’s Trinity Circle won hearts of the citizens and the netizens for sensitively letting an ambulance through the busy Silkboard Junction which was blocked for the convoy of the President. Mr. Pranab Mukherjee visited Bengaluru for the inauguration of Metro’s Green Line on 18th of June […]

7 English Phrases That You Might Be Killing With Your Wrong Use

young girl reading book

English is a funny language and there is no denying that fact. Right from the usage of words to the pronunciation, it baffles you in an amazing way. However, as there is always the scope to improve yourself thus learning a little bit of right English cannot harm anyone. Today we are here with a […]

Girl’s father rejects marriage proposal because of Bangalore Traffic

Heavy traffic moves along a busy road as it rains during a power-cut at the toll-gates at Gurgaon on the outskirts of New Delhi

It was a major shock for Sachin Upendra from a leading MNC when the bride father did not accept the marriage proposal just because he stayed to the opposite of Silk board Junction. Sachin addressing the media: “I am an engineer and I am in a relationship with Aarthy for the past 4 years. We […]

7 ‘Cool’ Habits That Are Actually Making You Act Like Moron

You all cool people out there who are just doing your thing and thinking you are the awesome of them all must not read this article if you are super easily offended. Here you are going and doing your thing but still the results are not as you expected. Have you ever thought that it […]

You Are A Sapiosexual If You Enjoy These Things Of Intelligence


“Tanya was very attracted to the handsome hunk who played in her school basketball team.  She always imagined how it would be like to date this boy. Soon, the chance came when one of her friends invited them for launch. However, as soon as, he opened his mouth all her attractions washed away. On the […]

7 Insecurities In Your Relationship That Are Actually Good Signs

couple kissing

Congratulations! You are experiencing one of the sweetest things in the world, company of a person who cares for you. It is very hard to find something special and if you have found that person, of course you wouldn’t want to let them go. The relationship gets more exciting but you also notice there are […]