Weird & Useless But Fascinating World Records For You

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Number of people riding in a servo simultaneously This is a record that is as dangerous as it seems. However, anything to get your name up on the record! Isn’t it? Big circle rubber ball Made with rubber bands that weigh 3729 kgs this is the largest rubber ball in the world. Joel Wall is […]

15 Mind-Blowing Things You Probably Failed To Notice Until Now


Let’s be honest. Don’t we always try to act smart in front of our friends? We do. Moreover, we try to make them look stupid by throwing new tidbit of information or fact at every possible time, right? Well, it always makes us feel happy to know and learn about unusual yet mind-blogging trivia. So, […]

3 Craziest Restaurants Breaking All the Stereotypes of the Culinary World

  Are you one of those who get excited with unique, weird and crazy stuff? If Yes, then, let us get introduced to the most out-of-the-ordinary dining experiences that will blow your mind for sure. Here are some crazy restaurants that have deconstructed the meaning of fine dining restaurants in the culinary world. Labassin Waterfall […]

Guess What The Passengers In The Flight Of Air Used When The AC Broke Down?

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We all love taking a nap or eyeing that cute co-passenger while traveling in a flight while being embraced by the coolness of the AC. Well, guess what will happen if the AC breaks down? Certainly, you will feel like a roasted potato inside an oven. The same thing happened in this Delhi-bound Air India […]

Delhi Police to take action against Dhinchak Pooja.

dhinchak pooja

How can one like Selfie Maine Le Liya Aaj so much? Yes, I feel it is gracious after listening to her new song Dilon Ka Shooter .Hai Mera Scooter. This is when tolerance levels hits Sky high. Dhinchak Pooja Is Back With Her Torment! May God Give You Strength To Listen To Her New Song! […]

These Tweets On GST Are Incredibly Hilarious


GST is rolling out tomorrow, no need to say that people are eagerly waiting for the same. No, not because everyone is happy about it but most people do are unable to understand the entire concept properly. However, the netizens are not behind is giving their views on this non-understanding of the GST. Here are […]

Creepy Spider Facts That Will Make You Very Very Scared


Of all the fearsome monsters that walk or crawl the earth, spiders are amongst the most terrifying and despised. Their physical traits make about 99.9% of humans want to kill them or flee. Fear of spiders, known as Arachnophobia, is one of the most common mass phobias on the planet, as evidenced by the multitude […]

14 Epic Restaurant Fails That Will Force You To Laugh Out Loud


Most of the time you go to the restaurant to find a good ambiance followed by finger licking food, isn’t it? However, there are times when you get something more than that, you get a chance to have a good laugh. Yes, today we are here to present you with 15 such restaurant fails that […]

10 Insanely Expensive Items To Buy When Money Is Not A Matter For You

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Most of us find ourselves shifting to instant noodles by the end of the month. Of course, not by choice but by force. There are others who are enjoying a better position but they have to make conscious money saving plans to ensure that they have a comfortable lifestyle. However, there are also those who […]