This Whole Village Has A Strange Addiction And You Will Agree It’s The Best

Marottichal is a small village in the base of hills located in Kerala. This place is not even prominently recognized by Kerala Tourism Department, however, if you are someone who is more traveler than tourist then this place should be your next destination. Why? Well, to experience the beautiful addiction of the entire village and […]

11 Travel Destinations In India That Look More Like Foreign Places


What you get in mind when it comes to travel in a foreign country? Budget, time, or companion. There are many things that we have to think when it’s about going abroad. And, of course, not all people are so privileged to go elsewhere on a whim. But, don’t lose hope people as some travel […]

11 Tips Every One Planning For World Travel Needs To Know


There are some, among us, who has a bug inside that compel us to travel around the world. However, there are many misconceptions that are prevailing about traveling the whole world. If you have been bitten by the same bug and want to see the world then here are some useful tips for you. It’s […]

Most Expensive Alcohols That Rather Store Than Drink


Alcohol is such a thing that is legal to consume all over the world and also has a deep cultural root. It is not just in one, but is found in all the cultures and civilizations of the world. You may not partake in drinking but there is no harm knowing about the expensive alcohols […]

Can These Places Be Actually The Entrance To Hell?


One of the oldest concepts believed by man is that of heaven and hell. By extension of that belief, people also believe in God and the Devil in some form or the other in all cultures across the world. Since heaven and hell are regarded as places, it is thought that there are places on […]