Beware! Writing Anything Against SC/ST Even In Closed Group Can Land You In Jail

We all know the fact that our country is divided into many aspects and one of them is that of the caste. There are many who are against the reservation system that is offered to the people belonging from Scheduled Caste (SC) or Scheduled Tribe (ST).

It is no secret that people often take the platform of social media to raise their irritations and agitations. However, that scenario is about to be changed with this new ruling from Delhi High Court.

On 3rd July 2017 Delhi High Court passed an order that considered making an offensive comment against SC/ST community on social media platform punishable. This is also applied even for the closed group.

The High Court further highlighted the fact that use of slurs against SC/ST community is punishable under the Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.

The order was passed in light of a case by a woman who is from the Dhobi community. She filed a case against her sister who is a Rajput and keeps harassing her using the social media platforms.

This is what Delhi High Court stated in the order:

“When a member registered with Facebook changes the privacy settings to ‘public’ from ‘private’, it makes his/her writings on the ‘wall’ accessible not only to the other members who are befriended by the author of the writings on the “wall”, but also by any other member registered with Facebook. However, even if privacy settings are retained by a Facebook member as “private”, making of an offending post by the member – which falls foul of Section under Section 3(1)(x) of the SC/ST Act—may still be punishable.”

As soon as the order was out, the netizens started giving their opinions. As expected the reactions were mixed regarding this order. While some welcomed this move, others slammed it.

What is your opinion on this move?



Beware! Writing Anything Against SC/ST Even In Closed Group Can Land You In Jail

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