Angry Dhanush Leaves Interview in Middle After Questions About Personal Life. Watch Video!

Dhanush has not only achieved big in the South Cinema but is also a popular name in the Hindi film industry and for quite some time now, his movies are releasing in Telugu as well. Just recently, his film “Raghuvaran B. Tech”, which is a remake of his Tamil flick “VIP”, proved to be super hit.

Now the sequel, i.e., “VIP 2” is going to release soon and he is busy in the promotional activities. For the same purpose, Dhanush came to Hyderabad with his team for the first time. He was supposed to attend an interview with a famous news channel but things didn’t go well between Dhanush and the host and the latter walked out in anger, saying,

“This is a really stupid interview.”


Just to inform, Dhanush faced major controversies related to paternity suit and Suchi leaks earlier in 2017 and the whole episode began as the host asked a question with regard to his ‘mental agony’ in the course of Suchi leaks. The actor clearly didn’t like the question and said, “Who said I went through mental agony?” The interviewer further made use of words, such as ‘allegations’, ‘video’ etc. which was objectionable on the part of Dhanush and he finally left the interview in middle when the host questioned if “Family life was at stake”.

Yes, that’s right! A video has gone viral and it shows the host asking questions related to Suchi leaks, Dhanush’s family and the controversies that surrounded his personal life. Aggravated Dhanush walked out of the interview, saying,

I thought we are here to talk about films. See, what my personal life is mine. I am not answerable to what happens with my personal life. I don’t care what happens with your personal life.”

dhanush controversy

The host tried to justify the questions, stating that the matter is in the limelight now and it is in public’s eye which further made the actor angrier.

Watch the Video:



Angry Dhanush Leaves Interview in Middle After Questions About Personal Life. Watch Video!

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