Adorable Film About Two Gay Boys Will Make You Cry With Happiness


Love, this four letter word is something that we all seek in our life. Though the ideal situation should be acceptance of any form of love but sadly that is not the reality. Yes, we are talking about the LGBTQ community whose love is often not considered for being ‘unnatural.’

However, today we are not talking about this issue with a serious tone. Instead, we have a delightful video for you.


This video is about a boy which is still hiding in the closet and his crush.


Though his mind stops him from approaching his crush but his heart has other plans. Upon seeing his crush it goes out of control. Hence, everyone comes to know that he is gay and has a crush on another boy.


Heartbroken and humiliated, he runs away to hide himself from all. This moment of sadness will fill up your eyes with tears.


Soon the tears of sadness with turn into joyous ones. Why? It s because his crush comes to him to mend his broken heart and thus begins the story of love.

We are waiting for the day when love will not be defined by societal rules but the pleasure of heart.



Adorable Film About Two Gay Boys Will Make You Cry With Happiness

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