8 Reasons Why Dating In Summer Could Be The Worst Experience You Might Ever Have

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Summers are gone but there’s one thing that it taught us in terms of love and relationship. That is to say NO to dating during hot summer winds. While winter is the favourite relationship season to cuddle with your main under a blanket with cups of hot chocolate, summer is the quite struggling time to date.

No matter what relationship status you possess, there is no denying the fact that no romantic or sexual kind of stuff could we think of in summer. Summer means sweat, no romance, and only despair.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at these powerful reasons that will make you believe that dating in summer is the worst of all.

Holding hands =Creating mess

Yeah! Holding hands of your significant other surely might make you feel good but do his or her slippery yet sweaty palms that are giving a feeling of disgust could also make you feel good? Absolutely, NO! So, now you can understand how holding hands can claim a mess in summer.


Limited options in clothing

This one holds basically for girls – Though you might have cute crop tops and sexy pair of jeans or elegant maxi gowns, all you could be left with wearing one soothing sundress or a pair of summery shorts and courtesy for this would be hot weather.

So, it clearly means ‘no different attires and no show off of clothes while giving chance to people to think that you have only limited ensembles to wear’. Sad for you girls!

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Hot weather also limits the places to hang out

Bored of cinema, dinner and just a lunch date? In summer, one couple could possibly opt any of these options but it is a total waste of time and yes, of course, waste of mood. It is so fucking hot in summer that you could hardly think of any better option to go out with your partner, right?

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A lazy day and sleepy nights

Summer actually make all of us sleepy that rather going out we all prefer to stay in our house and have a long siesta with ease. So, dating, in that case, becomes a big NO.

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An awful sex

Sticky bod, sweat all around, warm bed and the heat of your date-mate – All these contribute to having an awful summer sex experience.

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And what about sexy clothing removal?

Oh please! Do not dare to think of removing those skinny jeans of your girlfriend while her legs are all clammy and full of sweat. Ewww! I mean you cannot think of a sensuous start or orgasm as everything you do doesn’t go same as you might have planned.

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Okay! What about the post-sex bit?

Just like you, your partner also gets there in a muck sweat. And if you try to hug him or her, don’t know what he/she will do out of hotness. I guess would smack you, no…no would throw you out of the bed… So, Bach ke rehna re baba…. *laugh*


In a nutshell, summer is not the season of love.

To be honest, you would not like to touch to your partner. You are sticky, sunburnt and you wouldn’t look as attractive as you always appear to be. There’s pressure of being groomed up perfectly with the shaven legs so as to don summery shorts.

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The only love that blooms in summer is between you and your coolants like fan or A.C. and trust me that love would go at full blast in hot summer.

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8 Reasons Why Dating In Summer Could Be The Worst Experience You Might Ever Have

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