7 Weirdest Laws around the World! We Bet You Must Have Not Even Heard Of Them!


Laws and regulations is something that is mandatory and to be followed by every citizen of the country. In India, wearing a helmet/seatbelt while driving is a law and ignoring or disobeying the law may lead to fine and sometimes, imprisonment. But, there are certain ridiculous laws around the world that may seem to be funny; but, yes, they exist. Get to know more about 7 such unbelievable laws.   

Chewing gum is illegal in Singapore!


Chewing gum is one of the best time-pass things to do. But in Singapore, it is illegal to chew gum and a person is permitted to do so, only if it is prescribed by a doctor. Charge of 500 dollars is levied if anyone is found to chew gum and spit it on the road.

No blue jeans in North Korea!


Wearing a blue jean is not permitted in North Korea and its areas. This is because blue is considered to be the color of USA, because of which only black jeans is allowed.

You can’t run out of petrol on Germany’s Autobahn!


The vehicle coming to a halt when it runs out of petrol is natural and irritating. In Germany, vehicles cannot run out of petrol and come to an halt in the center of the lane. A charge of 40 to 70 dollars is made as fine, as it is treated to be a self error. This is done, so that, people would drive out, only after checking the petrol level in advance.

Wow, don’t pay if you don’t feel full!


Denmark has this law that only if you feel full on eating in a restaurant or hotel, you are supposed to pay. This means that if you do not feel satisfying or contented, you need not pay and just walk away from the restaurant. So surprising right?

No flushing toilets after 10 pm in Switzerland!


This may sound weird, but it is true. There is a rule that flushing of toilets should not be done after 10 pm in Switzerland, as this encourages noise pollution and causes disturbances.

In Milan (Italy), there’s fine for not smiling!


Levying a fine for crimes or not following laws or breaking the code of conduct is common. But a place in Italy called Milan charge people for the crime of not smiling. This is exempt in hospitals and funerals. What are the people supposed to do if they want to cry?

LOL, being fat in Japan is not allowed!


People in Japan are not supposed to be fat. There is a limit on the midriff part for both men and women. Above 40 years, for women it is 31 inches and for men it is 35 inches.



7 Weirdest Laws around the World! We Bet You Must Have Not Even Heard Of Them!

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