7 Insect Flavored Ice Creams around the World That Not Everyone Can Eat


Everyone craves for delicious Ice creams. However, to us the frozen delicacy is often topped with fruits and sauces. Also, they are almost never presented with non vegetarian items. Sorry to say, that is what you think!

Here is a list of Ice-creams made out of insects that will make you feel sickened about having an ice cream, but many still enjoy them in different parts of the world at present. Have a look-



This is a type of ice-cream that has grasshopper pieces and meal worms in it. The meal worms add to the crispiness of the Ice cream while the grasshopper pieces ensemble a walnut taste. It is said that, Neapolitan is at a huge demand in some areas of London.

Sundae topped with cricket bug


It is a sundae that has its toppings with grasshopper pieces, much similar to the Neapolitan. It serves to be loaded and exquisite in taste. It adds to the crispness of the ice cream.

Azemichi Sofuto Kurimu


It is a disgusting ice cream made in areas of Japan. The ice cream flavor of ‘Azemichi Sofuto Kurimu’ simply translates to ‘Path between the rice fields soft serve’ in English. This Japanese dessert is made from wormwood or mugwort, which is topped with some locusts boiled in a blend of sauce and white sugar.

Bug Ice Cream


The ice-cream is popular among, parts of San Francisco, which serves the ice cream topped with maggots and other insects. It is a regular ice cream in that place and highly in demand.

Bata Soft


It is a special ice cream sundae famous and popular in parts of Nagano, which is in Japan.

Cicada Ice Cream


A special insect called Cicada that comes out of the earth, every 13 years is used for making this ice cream. Body parts of the insects are cut and boiled in chocolate and brown sugar. The wings of few of them are cut, while it is kept for crunchiness in other types of ice cream.



7 Insect Flavored Ice Creams around the World That Not Everyone Can Eat

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