7 English Phrases That You Might Be Killing With Your Wrong Use

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English is a funny language and there is no denying that fact. Right from the usage of words to the pronunciation, it baffles you in an amazing way. However, as there is always the scope to improve yourself thus learning a little bit of right English cannot harm anyone.


Today we are here with a list of everyday phrases that are getting murdered due to wrong pronunciation.


‘Revert back’

Nope.  You do not revert back.  Why?  It is because when you say revert it means to get back. Adding back to it will sound as ‘back back.’ The same is the case with the word ‘reply.’


‘I personally feel… ‘

You can’t! No no, we don’t mean that you can’t feel, what we mean is when you are using ‘I’ that means it is your personal thought. So, next time say the word personally to sit back and use I feel…


‘Hair are…’

“My hairs are falling off’ or ‘my hairs are long’ is absolutely not the correct way. Hair is an uncountable noun so make sure you always add ‘is’ when you are describing your beautiful or not-so-beautiful hair.

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‘First come, first serve’

Though we have heard or used this phrase many times but that doesn’t make it right. Why?  Well, it means that whoever comes first will be served first. This, the corrected phrase is ‘first come, first served.’


‘Nerve wrecking moment’

We genuinely wish that you face as less of them as possible but you can always make the use correct.  The word wrecking is often confused with racking. The correct use is a ‘nerve racking moment.’

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‘On the other hand’

Often we tend to use this phrase without inviting it’s another half, ‘on one hand.’ If you are not using the first part then just using the second part is absolutely meaningless.

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‘Giving an exam’

Guilty of using it more than once, it is actually wrong to use this line. It turns out we don’t give an exam, we take one.


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7 English Phrases That You Might Be Killing With Your Wrong Use

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