7 ‘Cool’ Habits That Are Actually Making You Act Like Moron

You all cool people out there who are just doing your thing and thinking you are the awesome of them all must not read this article if you are super easily offended. Here you are going and doing your thing but still the results are not as you expected. Have you ever thought that it is because you are trying too hard to be cool which leave you being the one whom people dislike. Let us break it down to you and point out the behaviors that people finds extremely irritating. Once you let go of them, then your perfect trend following and right set of clothing will start showing effect.

Bathroom selfies

There’s a mirror in the public bathroom and you have a Smartphone. You click numerous selfies, pick one with help of filters, and splash it over social media. Cool, right? No! This is something or one of the most annoying habits that you need to let go. It is a public place and you are clicking your own pictures where everyone comes for attending natures call shows that you are extremely bad at impulse control. Also, gives the image of desperate to impress.

Bathroom selfies

Cheating is not cool

When you boast about telling everyone how you cheated on your boyfriend or girlfriend, people don’t think you as cool. This is something that actually makes you worse in eyes of others. People see it as a question on your integrity who doesn’t think twice before making their private life public. So, next time hold your tongue before you jump in to share your cheating adventure.

cheating on Partner

Bad tipper

Yes, we understand that the bill you are paying already includes the service charges but that doesn’t mean not to spare few bucks for the person attending you at the restaurant, café, or bar. Also, the rudeness actor for the waiters or bartenders needs to be at bay as that instantly makes people dislike you, unless of course the servers are acting stupid themselves.

Guest Check

Tell me how you workout?

Let us cut to the chase. No one gives a damn about your workout. Did it hurt? Well, truth does. So, in the name of good lord stop plastering your workout selfies all over the social media. It is not absolutely cool. It is a good thing that you are going to gym and taking care of yourself. You don’t have to show every moment of progress to the world. That is something that certainly makes people dislike you.


Bragging is not an option

We all brag at some point or other but there must be a line drawn on the amount. It is a situation where people don’t really life when someone starts an endless process of bragging. It actually shows that you are insecure and you need wave of good things to create an impression in front of others. Thus, limit your bragging to a level where it will not annoy the people.

A business man bragging about the size of something


Don’t drive like stupid

Go fast and faster! Is that your motto when you drive a car? Then you are not at all cool. Rash driving is not the definition of cool it is not the way to live life on edges. It shows how irresponsible you are when you are risking not only your life but that of others too.


Always Social

We all love to check our social media profiles once in a while. However, it really becomes irritation if you always do that, like always. Checking your social media profiles everywhere and updating about every small thing will create the image of attention seeker. We really do not need to tell you that it is an image best avoided. 






7 ‘Cool’ Habits That Are Actually Making You Act Like Moron

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