5 Vows Every Woman Should Take On This Woman’s Day

Be true to yourself

Woman’s Day is around the corner. While the world celebrates this day of empowerment and bridging the gender gap, why don’t you take a vow as a woman? This is the perfect time to replace no appreciation with self-actualization. Don’t you think so? So, let’s take these five vows not only for the special day but for always. Let’s take the pledge to celebrate the sisterhood.

Be true to yourself
You are beautiful and talented. Your attitude is unique and there is no one like you. This is something you truly need to believe. Do not give into the ‘role’ imposed by society create your own.

Be true to yourself

Do away with judgment
‘Women’s worst enemy is women,’ sadly the statement is true till today. While you value your individuality try to do the same for the others. Life is much beautiful without the unnecessary burden of judgment.

Be true to yourselfBe better
There is always the scope for evolving and being a better version of yourself. Try to make efforts that will take you towards that very goal.

Be better

Seek within
No one can make you feel beautiful until you do so yourself. You need to understand that from within you are a good human being and that will also reflect outside.

Seek withinTake care
You need to vow to take care of yourself including your desires and dreams. No, it is not being selfish but looking out for yourself.

Take care

Do you have any more vows to add to the list? Let us know in the comment below.



5 Vows Every Woman Should Take On This Woman’s Day

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