5 Everyday double standards that hurt the men in our life


Misogyny and patriarchy are such diseases that not only hurt women but men too. It has filled the society with unnecessary double standards that end up being bad for all the genders. Here we are today to talk about the double standards that the men of the society face. Let’s know them to put an end to the all.

Men must be strong

No, they do not always have to act as the protector. They need protection too.


Men Gets Raped Too: Shameful Portrayal Of Male Abuse In Hindi Movies

Men don’t cry

Crying is the evidence after a baby’s birth that they are alive and well. It is a right of a man to cry and that doesn’t make him look less of anything.

Men don’t cry
Men should earn

No, if they want to stay back at home and deal with the household chores then it is their dream. Why pressurize men to be the only bread earner of the family?

Men should earn

3 Things you should never say to stay-at-home dads

Men can’t be raped

RAPE is RAPE. And, yes men can get raped and it shatters them the way like any other. It is never fun.

Men can’t be raped

Men can be slapped

NO! As it is not ok to beat or slap a woman the same goes for a man.


It is about time we do away with these double standard and more. What do you say?



5 Everyday double standards that hurt the men in our life

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