5 Double Meaning Songs You Will Understand Only If You Have A Dirty Mind


Remember the days when any scene remotely related to sex had two flowers getting close to each other? Well, the days have certainly changed and our films have become much more open. However, when it comes to making the double meaning songs, surprisingly Bollywood is well ahead of anyone. Do not believe us? Listen for yourself.

Yeh Maal Gadi Tu Dhakka Laga (Andaz – 1994)

This song features Anil Kapoor and Juhi Chawla. With lots of doubtful sounds, this song is a song that depicts the physical emotions of the first night. And, of course, the accompanying video is filled with sexual innuendos that will make you laugh. Rest, you can listen for yourself.

D.K. Bose – (Delhi Belly – 2011)

Though it took time for people to realize this song addressed to someone named D.K. Bose, transforms into a very popular Hindi slang when repeated in a speed. You can hear and know for yourself.

Anupam Kher Plays The Role Of Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh In The Movie Accidental Prime Minister

Teri Le Loon (Tere Mere Beech Mein – 1984)

Sorry for the terrible pixilated picture as the movie is quite old. And, about the song, do we really need to explain?

Dreamum Wakeupum (Aiyyaa – 2012)

Dreamum Wakeupum
First, you will laugh and then cringe. The lyrics are not the only part filled with sexual innuendos but also the video. Check it out yourself.

I Am A Hunter (Gangs of Wasseypur – 2012)

I Am A Hunter - Double meaning song
Unapologetic and full of suggestive lyrics! This song indeed is not as subtle but the placement of words is certainly interesting.



5 Double Meaning Songs You Will Understand Only If You Have A Dirty Mind

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