5 days celebrated around the world that will make you say WTF

Answer Your Cat's Questions Day (2)

“Dumbness has no boundaries and uncountable followers”

Whoever has said this quote has perfectly captured the essence of dumbness. Well, we see different such acts happening around us every day. However, in this article we will take a step further and venture out the realm of ‘National Days’ in America. The relation? Well, these days are as dumb as it can get. You will surely have good bouts of laughter when you known why these days are celebrated. Moreover, some of them are also eligible as designated holiday.

Do you too have some of such dumb days in your country? We are eagerly waiting for your reply.

Nothing Day

Oh, this is absolutely our kind of day. On January 16th, you do nothing. This day encourages Americans to sit around all day and doing nothing. We were wondering does that also include not eating, not using your Smartphone, and not going to the bathroom. Sadly, this wonderful day is not recognized by any school, university, or workplace. Incidentally, January 6th is also the days of Hot and Spicy food.


Take it in the ear Day

This ear day is not exactly appropriate. The origin is unknown but people make sure to celebrate this day with total zeal. It’s about cleaning your ears and putting on the ear buds for some amazing tunes. Well, that is what we think how this day is observed.

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ear day

Answer your cat’s question day

If you are a cat parent or a lover, then how many times have you done the heinous crime of not answering the questions asked by your Cat? What kind of ‘hooman’ are you who don’t want to answer to her or his cat? Well, though you have sinned but there’s a day of the year when you can just wash it away. So friends, January 13th is the day when you improve your communication with the felines.

Answer Your Cat's Questions Day (2)

Festivals of Popular Delusions Day

This day is not entirely ridiculous and has a strong history of origin. The annual celebration begins in 5th June 1945 and is annually followed since then. It started exactly after 364 days after the day before Germany surrendered. That was the last day that they deluded themselves in thinking that they can rule the planet. It also reflects on the current ridicules we see around us.
Festivals of Popular Delusions Day
Dear Diary Day

Most of us who writes diary thus start by greeting it but well you have a special day for it too on September 22nd. This day is actually observed to celebrate the diaries that have always kept out secrets intact without any judgments, unless it has fallen in wrong hands. Anyway, go ahead and extend a heartfelt thanks to your dear diary.





5 days celebrated around the world that will make you say WTF

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