This Pictures Prove That Love For Human Is Way Above Communal Hate

India is a nation of diversities. it is the distinctive things woven in one single thread that makes us unique. however, there is always the threat looming over our head. it is the threat of communal tension that may lead to a riot. thinking about the history of the nation that is something which is very possible. however, it is the love for one another as a human that helps us in going over all the communal tension. Here is a collection of pictures that will certainly make you feel the same.

True words were spoken

The right move

Religion should teach only one thing, love

Hindu and Muslim pray together

Christmas Bells

The picture says it all

Hindus organize Ramadan feast for Muslims

The union of love

Which one did you like the best? Let us know in the comment below.



This Pictures Prove That Love For Human Is Way Above Communal Hate

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