10 Insanely Expensive Items To Buy When Money Is Not A Matter For You

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Most of us find ourselves shifting to instant noodles by the end of the month. Of course, not by choice but by force. There are others who are enjoying a better position but they have to make conscious money saving plans to ensure that they have a comfortable lifestyle. However, there are also those who are enjoying the overflowing account that gives them the platform to enjoy such lifestyle that is insanely expensive. In this article, we bring you 10 such items that only the super-riches of the world can afford.

Tell us which one among them you want to buy? Of course, you may have to sell one organ for that. Just kidding! Or, are we?

Buckle It Up

$25,000 is the price of a belt. Don’t get shocked, of course we are kidding about the belt part. It is just the price of the buckle. Made of solid gold, this buckle flaunts amazing intricate designing and designing specially prepared by the Swiss manufacturers. On top of that, each of the cogs, wheels and springs attached with the buckle are crafted manually in a customized way. It is designed for those who are looking for perfect stylish luxury.


Say Cheers

When you are rich as a sin, how do you celebrate the commencement of a party? Of course silly, just like us with the Champagne. The only difference lies in the cost. This bubbly sip would be worth $1.8 million. Yes, you read it right. Known as French Goût de Diamants, this Champagne is a mixture of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunie, and Grand Cru Chardonnay. Besides the heavenly taste, the bottle skillfully showcases an 18-carat white gold logo with a 19-carat diamond right in the center.


What’s The Score?

Louis Vuitton, the popular handbag designer company, thought of taking a detour from their usual business to enter the world of sports. They came up with the new-age sporting gear of skateboards. What’s its difference with the regular ones that are available in the market? Well, about 8,000 dollars. Though only three such skateboards are ever produced by the company but they remain the costliest ones among all.


The Umbrella For Riches

When it drizzles, most of us take a step outside to enjoy the rains, others pull over jackets or anything handy. Then there are those who would use an Umbrella to keep themselves safe from the tears of sky. However, to get this particular umbrella, you need to have money, loads of it, about $50k to be exact. It is made by an Italian Luxury brand with crocodile skin.


Monopoly Set

Once in our life we all have played that wonderful game of Monopoly. However, if you are seriously into this game, like if your whole life revolves around it, then we have good news for you. There is this monopoly set made of gold and silver with an exterior of leather.  The pieces are handcrafted that showcases small leather cups and also bank boxes. Oh, did we forget to mention that this amazing set is priced at $8k.

Monopoly Set

Billionaire Backpack

If you want to show to your friends that you are insanely rich, what do you do? You buy an exclusive backpack that is priced at $1650 and take it with you. This ridiculously costly backpack has only four items in the whole world. It features solar signs along with diamond and BBC trademark.

Billionaire Backpack

The Pizza For Rich

Who doesn’t love pizza? We all do! What do you expect of a good pizza? Of course, oozing cheese and crispy crust. However, when you are very very rich, then you do things in a slightly different way. You buy pizza that is worth $1k. Yes, this pizza is specially designed for the super riches. Besides, $900 caviar it also contains lobster. We just hope it tastes as good as its price.


Treat For Your Ears

Do you love your ears? What a stupid question, of course you do. Then, why don’t you treat it with a new earphone priced at just $14,500. Shocked? We were too. That also, the price is for the two ear buds that will be attached with the phone. Made out of 18 carat gold, each of them is of 25 grams and takes 5 weeks to be completed.


The Toilet Seat For Riches

Without any suspense let us tell you the price of this cover, $250. This carbon fiber seat is indeed a heck of a luxury item. So, if you have luck of coming by some money, then you can certainly spend some on this super luxury item.


The Radioactive Jeans

No, don’t get alarmed this piece of clothing has nothing to do with the toxic materials. It got its name from its shiny white appearance. Made of 100% pure cotton and designed by the popular brand Dior it is priced at $600.




10 Insanely Expensive Items To Buy When Money Is Not A Matter For You

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