10 Facts About The Longest Tunnel Road Of India – Chenani-Nashri


On 2nd April 2017, Prime minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the longest tunnel road in India. Connecting the areas of Jammu and Srinagar, this tunnel will serve many purposes other than bringing down the time of travel. Named Chenani-Nashri tunnel, this is one big step that will also increase the prospect of trade and tourism in the state. Here are some of the facts about the tunnel that you need to know.

1. It is 9.2kms longs and is a twin-tube tunnel.
2. The travel time between Srinagar and Jammu is reduced to 3 hours instead of 8 hour.
3. The distance of road from Chenani and Nashri came down to 10.9 kms instead of 41 kms.
tunnel4. It started on 23rd May 2011 and got inaugurated on 2nd April 2017.
5. The total cost involved in the project was Rs. 3,720 crore.
6. It is located at the elevation of 1200 meters.
7. This is the first tunnel in India that is equipped with “integrated tunnel control system.” It takes care of ventilation, signals, communication, control, and electrical systems automatically.
Longest Tunnel
8. It will reduce the snow-fall induced traffic jams in the area.
9. One side LMV vehicle journey will cost Rs. 55 and Rs. 85 for two ways. The charge for one month travel is Rs. 1,870.
10. The busses and trucks need to pay Rs. 190 for one side and for two sides the charge is Rs. 285.
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10 Facts About The Longest Tunnel Road Of India – Chenani-Nashri

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