Child marriage though seems like an act of the distant past, but it is a social demon that is still prevailing in the modern times. In this scenario, is it really smart to come up with a serial that tries to normalize the romance between an 18 years old girl and 10 years old guy?


The show is titled Pehredaar Piya Ki, where 25-year-old actress Tejaswi Prakash plays the role of an Indian princess who is 18 years old. Here the opposite lead is played by 10-year-old co-star Afaan Khan who is doing the role of the husband of this princess. Yes, you read it right!

child marriage

The promo comes with the tagline that it doesn’t support or promote child marriage but normalizing ‘romance’ between a child and young adult is seriously cringe-worthy. Not to forget, absolutely illegal.

pheredar piya ki

It is a big NOPE that should be taken down immediately. Watch the promo here for your daily dose of cringe.

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