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Ridiculously Expensive Toys That Only The Super Riche Can Afford

Posted by - August 11, 2018

Toys! Beaten, broken, and thrown. For most, this is the ultimate fate that their toys meet. However, when you hear the price of these toys then you will wish that if you had them you will value them more than your life. Why? It is because these toys are super costly. So, without further delay


People Actually Used To Do These WTF Things To Their Babies

Posted by - July 20, 2017

Babies are fragile! There is no second thought to that statement. That is the reason we always make sure that they are getting the best condition in which they can grow up safely. However, one look at the past revealed some of the worst ways in which people used to treat their babies, knowingly or

Funny Divorce Reasons That Are Hilarious & Weird

Posted by - June 20, 2017

Marriage is never a child’s play. It is one of the hardest things and the partners have to continuously work towards keeping it together. We all are aware that it requires understanding, patience, commitment, sacrifice, compromise, communication and not to forget love. However, there are times when we have to break the promise to be


6 Legal Things In USA That Will Make You Say WTF Out Loud

Posted by - June 16, 2017

There are many things in our life that we come across are considered illegal in the eyes of law. As good citizens, we try to avoid those paths and stay clear of the way. However, there are those things which we do not do as we think they are illegal but a little research revealed

Answer Your Cat's Questions Day (2)

5 days celebrated around the world that will make you say WTF

Posted by - May 29, 2017

“Dumbness has no boundaries and uncountable followers” Whoever has said this quote has perfectly captured the essence of dumbness. Well, we see different such acts happening around us every day. However, in this article we will take a step further and venture out the realm of ‘National Days’ in America. The relation? Well, these days