Why An Octopus Is Better Than Your Boyfriend?

Posted by - August 10, 2017

Octopuses are awesome! Yes, there we have said it. Residing deep down the vast sea, these creatures are those who can pose serious competition to your boyfriend. You think we are kidding? We KID YOU NOT. Here are the reasons why you should choose an octopus as your next boyfriend. Unbound smartness Well, scientifically proven

funny tweets

10 Funny Tweets From Feminists That Shows They Are Fucking Hilarious

Posted by - July 17, 2017

Feminists have always shown their quirky side through their smart comebacks. In the world where the ‘F word’ is treated like a curse, here are 24 times on Twitter the feminists proved that they are just fucking hilarious and awesome. These are very true, to be honest. Yes, this is a word. You read that

world record

Weird & Useless But Fascinating World Records For You

Posted by - July 13, 2017

Number of people riding in a servo simultaneously This is a record that is as dangerous as it seems. However, anything to get your name up on the record! Isn’t it? Big circle rubber ball Made with rubber bands that weigh 3729 kgs this is the largest rubber ball in the world. Joel Wall is


15 Mind-Blowing Things You Probably Failed To Notice Until Now

Posted by - July 8, 2017

Let’s be honest. Don’t we always try to act smart in front of our friends? We do. Moreover, we try to make them look stupid by throwing new tidbit of information or fact at every possible time, right? Well, it always makes us feel happy to know and learn about unusual yet mind-blogging trivia. So,


14 Epic Restaurant Fails That Will Force You To Laugh Out Loud

Posted by - June 28, 2017

Most of the time you go to the restaurant to find a good ambiance followed by finger licking food, isn’t it? However, there are times when you get something more than that, you get a chance to have a good laugh. Yes, today we are here to present you with 15 such restaurant fails that

Girl's reply

Girl’s hard hitting reply to a Body shaming Comment in FB is Epic!

Posted by - June 27, 2017

Body Shaming is one of the most committed crimes happening in Social Media. Offenders use the mask of Social Media to abuse or comment on others’ body. Although, it doesn’t hurt anyone physically, it leaves a deep negative scar in the victim’s mind. However, it was not the case with this 27-yr lady gorgeous woman

Funny Divorce Reasons That Are Hilarious & Weird

Posted by - June 20, 2017

Marriage is never a child’s play. It is one of the hardest things and the partners have to continuously work towards keeping it together. We all are aware that it requires understanding, patience, commitment, sacrifice, compromise, communication and not to forget love. However, there are times when we have to break the promise to be

6 Pictures that proves Karma will always get to you

Posted by - May 24, 2017

Karma is for real! You actually get back what you give. There are times when that return of karma takes some time, but there are also the times when they are quick and instant. Well, when you do something good then Karma finds its way to treat you. That is why you should beware when