journalist beaten in pakistan

Religions are meant to depict the Art of Living. It is disgraceful to see people indulging in horrendous activities and taking extreme steps in the name of religion.

journalist beaten in pakistan

During the holy month of Ramadan, these Muslim Clerics have not left any opportunity to show their dominance in the society.

Pakistani Journalist was thrashed by Muslim Clerics inside the Mosque for a reason which was lame and shameful.

journalist beaten in pakistan

Rashid Azeem, a Pakistani Journalist was lashed in a mosque after he was “assumed” to be drinking water inside the Mosque which was considered as a disgrace for their religion during the month of Ramadan. He was not only thrashed but his camera was broken by some enraged Students and Islamic Clerics. His crew was also photographed and they were soon pelted by stones when some Reporters tried to shoot this turbulence.

The full video is here.

Clerics thrash news crew for ‘drinking water’ in Ramazan

Express Tribune Video 发布于 2017年6月21日


The Clergymen and the Crew of Din News Channel have complaints raised against each other. While Azeem was firm that he didn’t drink water; Police Officials to test him, sent him to Pakistan Institute of Medical science for Examination. Even if Azeem drank water,the behavior of the Clergymen seems to be barbarous and inhumane.

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