brushing-teeth Yeah! You all were taught a certain way to brush our teeth when you were a kid. And perhaps, that is what you all are following till now as an adult. But have you all ever thought that the way you are brushing your teeth as a master is probably incorrect one? Apparently, we never pondered on this thing and Goddamn people, we have been brushing wrong our entire life. Yes! This is the truth. Face it.

Some people either over-brush their teeth or go too soft with it without actually knowing the right way of brushing or flossing. Hence, here we have discussed the important factors while brushing that would help you in keeping proper oral health.

Unfortunately, we have been brushing our teeth wrongly as there’s even a proper way to brush teeth. Yes! You read that right.


Mostly, people brush their teeth side to side in a circular motion but trust Science as it says that the monotonous moving of brush having only circular or back and forth movements could make you more prone to gum diseases.


Well, to avoid gum diseases or plaque we need to brush in a proper way. Now you would ask the right way to do it. So, here we go – Always use your brush making an angle of 45 –degree with the gum line then brush teeth in a circular motion so that it loosens the plaque around gums.


Also, ensure to be careful while brushing. Neither over-do it nor go too light else it won’t give you clean teeth.


Apart from the way of brushing, the time to brush also matters as some people brush right after eating which is not good for oral health. There should be a gap of half an hour after eating.

Moreover, brush only twice a day and make sure to change the toothbrush within few months of its use.

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