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We all love taking a nap or eyeing that cute co-passenger while traveling in a flight while being embraced by the coolness of the AC. Well, guess what will happen if the AC breaks down? Certainly, you will feel like a roasted potato inside an oven. The same thing happened in this Delhi-bound Air India flight.

There was AC malfunction of an Air India flight from Bagdogra to Delhi leading to protests by the passengers. To get rid of the heat building up inside the cabin the passengers have to use paper fans at the ultimate source. Thankfully, the flight landed safely but there was a lot of agitation among the passengers.

Not only they protested but used the platform of Twitter to share the same with the world. Here are some of the tweets about the poor AC condition of the flight.





Someone also took a video of the same and shared on social media. You can watch the video here:

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