There are times when a seemingly good gesture with a simple can make you get trolled. Especially, if that is done on twitter! We are all aware how ruthless twitters users can be when it comes to troll someone. So, this time the new victim is Dutch PM Mark Rutte.

On the occasion of PM Modi visiting the country, the Dutch PM used the platform of Twitter to welcome him to Netherlands. The tweet is in Hindi and well meant but with one ingredient missing – Space. Didn’t get it? This is what he posted.


Well, as soon as the netizens came to see the tweet, they couldn’t stop themselves from sharing it over and over. The funniest are the solutions they have to offer. Not to forget the comparison made are simply hilarious.

About right!


The instant solution


Is it so?


Well…. Bang on point!


The funny take


Do you have any such suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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