There is no denying the fact that the world is very cleverly dominated by the new technology of Selfie. Yes, we are talking about the thing where you put on your mobile front camera and click a picture. Making pout faces or not, a selfie is something that is fun most of the times.


Well, from selfies came the concept of groufies. What is it? It is the art of taking a selfie with your gang or group. Sound’s fun?


Now, the selfie game just went one notch higher with the Divorce selfies.


Yes, you heard it absolutely correct. Now, people are taking selfies to post on social media sites when they are getting rid of each other … err… we mean getting divorced.


it is said that these pictures are to honor the fact that people are taking a step to get separated.

Selfie Craz

It started as a fun but now is spreading fast around. This is taking the place to be the new trend that everyone is eager to follow.


So, if you are getting divorced, we hope you don’t, will you follow the same trend too?

Aarti Gairola

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