dhinchak pooja

Guess what? Dhinchak Pooja is back again to torment us with one more song. After the great success of Swag Wali Topi and Selfie Maine Le Liya Aaj, the queen is back with her worst song ever Dilon Ka Shooter, Hai mera Scooter.

dhinchak pooja

Her creepy love for Scooters is picturized as a song in Dilon Ka Shooter. If Dhinchak Pooja is having lots of free time to waste, it doesn’t mean that he can launch such awful and pathetic songs in a public platform just to give us headache.

dhinchak pooja

I personally feel that the Selfie Song was a lot better after hearing the Shooter Song. Because you feeling like shooting yourself with a gun if you are made to listen to this epic song. When you need to revenge someone in your life or trouble them unnecessarily, you can show him/her this video. I bet you get enough satisfaction on this sweet revenge.

Fans of Dhinchak Pooja are increasing day by day. They call themselves proud “Dhinchakians”. Maybe these days, Youngsters feel that these crappy numbers are in the trend and share them instead of boring numbers.

Do listen to this song, my best wishes.

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