Having bad experiences with e-commerce stores is very common these days. We are sure you must have come across many horrific stories. Sometimes, there are issues with the delivery of products while at times, the delivery time is fine, but some people end up getting wrong products. Amidst this, we are surprised to hear that something similar has happened with Flipkart too. It is a reputed name and customer service has always been the company’s priority; let us read the issue.

A woman name Piyasi Raychaudhari has posted a complaint on Flipkart’s Facebook page because she was very disappointed with her shopping experience. Well, she had placed an order for iPhone 6, but all she got in the box was a packet of salt.

When we talk about Flipkart, we know how well organized it is. There were hardly any complaints because the company has always been serving customers really well. This case looks unbelievable, but nothing can be said as of now.

Here is the screenshot of her complaint to Flipkart.


Flipkart is a renowned e-commerce website and such things rarely happen. We are still waiting for Flipkart’s update on this issue, chances could be that this is fake but if it is true then Flipkart should penalize the particular seller.

However, instead of taking this issue seriously, some people are trolling Flipkart and are commenting that it is not salt, but is Cocaine”. Have a look at some of funny comments.

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