Sonam Kapoor from Cannes

Sonam Kapoor, the name always brings one thing in mind, Fashion Icon. This dazzling young lady may lack the acting skills as compared to her contemporaries but she certainly makes up to it with her impeccable fashion sense.

Sonam Kapoor Style
She also gets a few brownie points with her 2017 Cannas red carpet look. Not only for this year, but this diva has the habit of stunning everyone with her gorgeous looks every year. She is someone who certainly knows how to take the fashion game to the next level are keep everyone in awe.

Sonam Kapoor Style
This lady knows perfectly how to utilize the world of fashion to look flawless. Even over, the years we have seen that she hardly goes wrong with her fashionable presentations.

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Since her debut in Cannas red carpet in 2011, she never failed to send shivers through the hearts of many due to her interesting and amazing fashionable appearance.

Sonam Kapoor style
Here is look back at some of her looks from the yesteryears.
Sonam Kapoor from Cannes

And, what surprise did she have for this year?

Sonam Kapoor from Cannes
Which of her look is the best, till now? Let us know in the comment below.

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